GIG Series


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Model TPM4200FX MKII
Input Channels
Microphone input Electronically Balanced, Discrete Input
Frequency Response 12Hz to 55kHz, +/-3dB
Gain 45dB
Line Input Electronically balanced
SNR (signal tp noise ratio) >75dB
Gain 45dB
Microphone Input 1.5kOhm
All other input 10kOhm or greater
Tape Out 1kOhm
All other output 120Ohm
THD 0.5% at 10dB Below rated Output Power
Hi shelving +/-15dB@10kHz
Low shelving +/-15dB@100Hz
Graphic EQ 7-band, 4/3 octave
DSP section
A/D and D/A converters 24 bits
DSP resolution 24 bits
Type of effects Echo, Echo+Verb, Tremolo, Plate, Chorus, Vocal, Rotary, Small Room, Flanger+Verb and Large Hall
Presets 100
Controls 100-position PRESET selector, CLIP LED,MUTE SWITCH with LED indicator
Main Mix Section
Noise (Bus noise) Fader 0dB, channels muted: -85dBr (ref: L+4dBu)
Fader 0dB,all input channels assigned and set
to UNITY gain: -81dBr (ref: +4dBu)
Monitor Max Out +22 dBu unbalanced, 1/4'jack
FX sends max out +22 dBu unbalanced, 1/4'jack
Power Amplifier Section
Output power2 x 100W RMS at 1kHz,THD=1%,Load=4Ohm
Frequency Response 20Hz to 22kHz,+/-3dB
Power Source 115 Volts 60Hz - 230 Volts 50Hz Switchable
Dimensions 466*280*191mm
Net Weight 7.8Kg
Model TPS G10
Power Handling
Continuous 100W
Program 200W
Max SPL at 1 m 113dB SPL +/-3dB
Frequency Response 60Hz-18KHz (+/-6dB)
Impedance 8 Ohm
Crossover Frequency 3.2 KHz
Woofer 1 x 10" Premium Woofer
Tweeter Piezo-electric transducer
Dimensions 456 x 318 x 280mm
Net weight 8.2kg / 18.1 Lbs.