MX Digital


  • 32-XLR Mic Inputs
  • 20-XLR Auxiliary Outputs
  • XLR- Main Out
  • Headphones Out
  • Digital Inserts
  • 17 Motorized Multi-Use Faders
  • OLED Name Strips
  • External Plug-In Processing
  • 4 Multi-Effects Engines
  • 10" Touchscreen
  • Rec / Play to USB Key
  • Sends on Faders
  • 16 DCA Groups
  • Automix
Microphone input Electronically balanced
Frequency Response to Main Output 22Hz ~ 20KHz at 0dBu ±1.5dBu
Distortion (THD&N) to Main Output <0.03% at 0dBu 1KHz
Gain 0dBu ~ 50dBu
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) 109dB
Maximum Input Level +20dBu ±0.5dBu
Phantom Power (+/-3V) +48VDC
USB stereo inputs 22Hz ~ 22KHz at 0dBu ±1.5dBu
Frequency Response to Main Output <0.03% at 0dBu 1KHz
Distortion (THD&N) to Main Output 10dBu ±0.5dBu
Maximum Input Level +20dBu ±0.5dBu
Out 1-16
Maximum Outputs Level +20dBu ±0.5dBu
Main Outputs
Maximum Output Level +20dBu ±0.5dBu
Control Room Outputs
Maximum Output Level +20dBu ±0.5dBu
Noise Gate
Threshold Range -80d0Bu ~ -30dB
Attack time 0.5mS ~ 200mS
Release time 10mS~1S
Threshold Range -30dBu - +20dB
Attack time 10mS ~ 150mS
Release time 10mS ~ 1S
Ratio 1:1 to Limit
Gain 0dBu - +20dB
Low (LowPass or LowShelf) 21Hz ~ 19.2KHz ±(24dBu±2dBu)
Low Mid 21Hz ~ 19.2KHz ±(24dBu±2dBu)
High Mid 21Hz ~ 19.2KHz ±(24dBu±2dBu)
High (HighPass or HighShelf) 21Hz ~ 19.2KHz ±(24dBu±2dBu)
Digital Audio
ADC Dynamic Range 114dB
DAC Dynamic Range 114dB
Internal Processor 32-bit , floating point
ADC, DAC bit depth 24bit
Main LCD 10.1 inch (1024x600)
Channel LCD 0.96 inch (128x64)
Microphone input 6.8K Ohm
All output 120 Ohm
Operating free-air temperature range 0ºC ~ 40ºC
Storage temperature range -20ºC ~ 45ºC